March 27, 2011

Another day of lefty violence

Another day of lefty protests, so another day of riots. They compare themselves with Libyan rebels or those in Egypt, yet they forget that those fighting against these socialist tyrants do not have any peaceful means of having their say in the running of their country. In this country everybody gets a vote, including these Labour Party boot boys; we recently had an election, and they lost.

Faux-anarchists decided to smash up some banks and Starbucks franchises, ‘cos they’re like capitalist pigs init. The faux-anarchists clearly not seeing the irony in proclaiming anarchy, while smashing things up in protest that the state might not grow quite as quickly as it had been doing.

Then Tarquin and Jocasta decided to occupy Fortnum and Mason, as the only shop that mummy goes to they must have figured that they could bring the entire economy to a stop.

March 22, 2011

Inflation will get worse

Inflation is up, again. Labour spent their entire last year in office using freshly printed money to pay for the bloated public sector that they had created, and when you print money you get inflation. As J M Keynes said when the same thing happened in the 1920s:

"The inflationism of the currency systems of Europe has proceeded to extraordinary lengths. The various belligerent Governments, unable, or too timid or too short-sighted to secure from loans or taxes the resources they required, have printed notes for the balance."

This new money is starting to leak out into the economy with obvious results. Luckily it is leaking out slowly, had it all gone in one go the UK would have been like Weimar Republic in the 1920s. Labour had a choice, they could have cut their spending but having spent so much time building up the payroll vote they were not going to ditch it just before an election. So they printed money instead knowing that they would probably loose anyway and so it would be for the next government to clean up the mess. They got to use their payroll vote to cushion the blow at the election knowing the problems would land on somebody else's desk, so you can see why Labour was so keen on it

Keeping the public sector bloated was not the only reason that this was such a good move for Labour because inflation helps debtors (like the state) and hurts those that save to help make themselves self reliant, who Labour hate. However back in the 1920s money printing, and the inflation that it brought, destroyed the middle classes who were the rock of stability to the liberal and democratic Weimar Republic leading to a choice between being thrown into a Fascist tyranny or a Socialist one. Again the attractions to Labour are obvious.

There has been a lot of money printing going on so there will be a lot of inflation to come. This is only the start.

March 10, 2011

The EU really hates business doesn't it?

The EU is an amazing organisation. It manages to turn every single thing that it touches to shit, and yet still manages to retain the devotion of the political elites and the BBC. When the EU does something you expect it be terrible. An EU politician trousering huge sums for very little provokes no outrage, even when they decide that they are litterally above the law. Finding one that isn't corrupt is much more unusual. It takes something that is truely batshit insane to escape the cloak of boredom that it spins around itself and get noticed.

This week they managed it not once, but twice.

The first is that they want to make Cookies opt in. This might seem like a noble thing to do, except that the EU will make EU web applications unusable. Whenever you hit an advertising funded site that originates in the EU you will now be presented with a blizzard of pop ups which you have to OK before being able to use it. Compare this to the same service offered from anywhere else on the planet which would just let you get on and do whatever it was you wanted to do. It does not take a genius to work out which service is going to die on its arse, but then this is the organisation that thinks that if you throw a dead fish into the sea it comes back to life.

Trying to kill an entire emerging market sector and forcing anybody wanting to set up a web business it to move to the US would take a lot to top, but the EU has managed it. The EU Parliament has voted that it wants to destroy the entire financial industry within the borders of the EU. It wants to kill the overnight interbank lending market, you know the thing that the EU member states just spent billions trying to maintain, and make every single loan, insurance policy, or currency transaction much more expensive for everybody in the EU. Luckily this vote isn't binding. The EU parliament is nothing but a talking shop that acts with little more than a rubber stamp to give a vague nod towards democratic accountability no ability to either start or stop legislation.